Cuttings 'n' Clippings Mar 1996

**Here is the recipe for the "5-5-5 surefire animal deterrent" according to a gardening authority on the Lynette Jennings Home Show. It is supposed to keep away all kinds of wild animals, like deer, rabbit, etc. from your garden. Break 5 raw eggs into a one gallon container, including the shells. Add 5 oz. of Tabasco Sauce, fill container with water, and let stand 5 days to ferment (preferably in the garage). Strain and spray around the perimeter of your garden. Repeat if necessary. Jo Babbie Master Gardener

**Did you know ... a 1,700 square foot house is constructed of 13,450 board feet of lumber?

**Arizona Register of Big Trees is accepting applications for potential State Champion trees. Brochures and applications are available at all State Land Department offices and Arboretums around the state. If you have a champion you would like to nominate, contact Richard Harris at 965-9498.

March, 1996