Cuttings 'n' Clippings May 1996

* Due to the mild winter and lack of rains, the rabbits found me (and I think they advertised my address on the bunny internet) and destroyed the garden. BUT - there were a few plants that did not interest them.

Here are those fabulous rabbit proof plants;

PEROVSKIA1 (Russian sage)

SALVIA GREGGH1 (red salvia)

SALVIA CLEVELANDII1 (San Diego salvia/sage)

SANTOLINA (lavender cotton)


AGAVE, CACTI & CHOLLA (okay, so this could be considered cheating, but please don't overlook these hardy natives) Have you got a plant that escaped the wrath of rabbits, deer, or javelinas? Let us know-contact the U. Of A. Extension office.

1 indicates that a plant review can be found in the Sept 93 MG Newsletter.

Cheri Melton

Master Gardener/Staff Writer

* Thirsty? If you are, then I bet your plants are, too. Rob Call tells us to use a simple long screwdriver to check the soil. Stick it in the ground, and if it goes in easily, you are watering correctly, but if it doesn't your plants are thirsty.

When purchasing weep hoses for watering your lawns and gardens, be sure to buy enough parts to the particular hose that you buy so that you have extras on hand. Each hose manufactured today is different. Some use the measurement of the size of the hole found in the hose and some the size of the hose itself.

We should plant our garden where plants receive the best sunlight, but you have to realize where we are living. This is hot, sunny Arizona. You enjoy shade, and so do some plants. Shade cloth, or nurseryman's cloth, like you see in many nurseries, will protect the plants from the heat of the sun. Be sure to anchor the shade cloth to something so that it won't blow away, and you should be able to roll the cloth up or position it so that it will allow the sun to reach the plants and give it valuable warmth, but hope fully not cook it to death.

Cheri Melton
Barry Bishop
May, 1996