How Do You Xeriscape

There are seven basic landscape principles for xeriscaping:

1. Start with a plan. Put higher water use plants close to the house for greater energy savings. Group plants, shrubs, and trees together according to their water needs.

2. Limit turf areas. Put grass only in areas where it provides functional or recreational benefits.

3. Install an efficient irrigation system. Consider drip irrigation systems for trees, shrubs, and groundcovers.

4. Harvest rain water from roofs for beneficial use.

5. Improve the soil. Decomposed organic mulches provide plant nutrition and improve water absorption. Cover the soil. Inorganic groundcovers minimize evaporation and reduce weed growth (weeds use water too).

6. Use low water plants. There's one for virtually every landscape function. Visit your local retail nursery for assistance. 7. Remember appropriate maintenance. Careful pruning, weeding, and watering will increase your water savings.

June, 1990