A Transplanted Gardener May 1996 Recommended Gardening Books

Since my last book review (MG Newsletter Oct 95) I have discovered more wonderful books I wish to share with you.

Growing Desert Plants From Windowsill to Garden, Theodore B. Hodoba, Red Crane Books, 1995. If you are interested in growing desert plants from seed or by propagation, then check this one out. Seven chapters and two appendixes that include places to visit for viewing southwestern plants, mail-order sources for seeds and plants and beautiful line drawings.  (Available from several sellers and for checkout at all the Cochise County libraries.)

A Full Life in a Small Place and other essays from a desert garden, Janice Emily Bowers, The University of Arizona Press, 1993. This summer when it's too hot to work in the gar den, curl up next to the swamp box with this wonderful book. Janice, who lives in Tucson, wrote 16 essays about her garden that will make you laugh, cry, and perhaps change the way you look at your garden and the world. (Available from the UofA Press, also available for checkout from several libraries in the Cochise County system)

Insects of the Southwest, Floyd Werner, Ph.D. and Carl Olson, M.S., Fisher Books, 1994. Eight chapters of creepy insects. Great drawings and no nonsense text tell you everything you want to know (or not want to know) about southwest insects Page 4 I found this gem in the children's book section in a local grocery store.

Gardening Success With Difficult Soils, Scott Ogden, Taylor Publishing Company, 1992. Everything you need to know if you have limestone, alkaline clay, or caliche soils. (That means everybody should already have this book!) Highlight is the list of heat/drought tolerant plants that LOVE these soils and tough conditions. (The book is out of print but available from the Cochise County system)

Plants for Natural Gardens and Natural by Design, Judith Phillips, Museum of New Mexico Press, 1995. You can purchase these two books separately or as a beautifully boxed companion set. I recommend the boxed set. Plants for Natural Gardens showcases over 180 plants native to the high desert. Highlight is the propagation technique for each plant. Natural by Design teaches the principles of design, planting, and maintenance. Gorgeous pictures.  Both books are in print and available from several sellers.  Plants for Natural Gardens is also available for checkout from most libraries in the Cochise County library system.  

Drip Irrigation for Every Landscape and All Climates, Robert Kourik, Metamorphic Press, 1992. I really like this book. Straight talk (no technical jargon!) on how to plan, install, and maintain a drip irrigation system. Wonderful line drawings and well written for the novice or expert, this book made it an enjoyable journey to setting up my first drip irrigation project.  Available from several online sellers or checkout from the Cochise County library system.  

Introduction to Permaculture, Bill Mollison, Tagari Publications, 1991. I love this book. Permaculture was first coined in the 70's by Bill. It involves using native or well-adapted plants native to your area and combines natural, xeriscape, and edible landscaping (including animals) so the site is self-sustaining to itself and its in habitants. Great illustrations.  May be available from book sellsers and is available in the Cochise County libraries.  

Cheri Melton
May, 1996