Gambel's quali with golden orange California poppies (iStockphoto:5872825 (C) Philip Robertson)

Living in a rural setting affords opportunities that living in more urban settings may not, like the ability to see more wildlife right in your own backyard. Wildlife has basic needs like food, water, cover, and space that make up its habitat. Providing natural and healthy habitat on your property is a good way to increase the diversity of wildlife that you see. But there are several important things to consider about wildlife when you live in a rural area. Watching wildlife in action can be fun, educational, and relaxing. Because wildlife has very basic needs, it is relatively easy to increase wildlife viewing opportunities on your property. Wildlife needs suitable habitat to survive. As people build homes, roads, fences, and commercial developments, suitable habitat for wildlife becomes fragmented. But no matter how much land you have, you can create habitat on your property and provide a refuge for wildlife. By providing the basic components of habitat, you will enhance your wildlife experience and improve the health of the natural community around you.