Water Wise Energy Smart

Supporting Fort Huachuca's water and energy conservation efforts through outreach and education

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Conservation Projects

Fort Huachuca has pledged to reduce its impact on groundwater resources through a four pronged strategy: Reduce, Reuse, Recharge and Educate! The trend is clear. Fort Huachuca has reduced its pumping of groundwater by over 60 percent over the past 15 years without mission impact.

Current Projects

Golf Course

Mountain View Golf Course has used reclaimed wastewater for irrigation since 1988, conserving our precious drinking water. In addition, the course uses about half the average amount of water for golf courses in Arizona.

Sentinel field

Artificial turf on many athletic fields means there is no need for year-round irrigation. The artificial turf at Warrior Field has allowed the Army to close several old turf fields.


Water Catchment

Catchment basins and retention dams slow runoff from the violent summer storms and allow more water to sink in, replenishing the aquifer.

Dry well at barnes

An innovative Rainwater Harvesting System and drywell recharges rainwater to the underground aquifer.

Waterless urinals

Waterless urinals have saved 30 million gallons of water since installation.