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Water Use Audits

Water use audits are a courtesy service offered by WWES for commercial facilities and Family Housing on Fort Huachuca. 

Overview of Commercial and Family Housing Audits: 

Upon request by a commercial facility manager, Water Wise and Energy Smart (WWES) staff will determine estimated water use of a facility based on the number of employees and customers using that facility. Recommendations are then made for ways to conserve water. Some recommended changes, such as exchanging faucet aerators, are often done at the time of the audit, while other water saving modifications are requested by the facility manager through service and work orders.  

For residences, the audits may include a review of the way a family uses energy and water inside and/or outside the home. Participants learn ways to help the fort conserve water and energy as well as receiving practical ideas for lawn, shrub, and tree care in the landscape. 

An audit for either a commercial facility or residence will typically take from thirty minutes to one hour. There is no charge for an audit and they are scheduled at a requesting individual's convenience.

Commercial Facility Audit Process:

Eifler Gym

The purpose of the commercial audit is to assess the water that enters a facility and determine its use and the manner in which it leaves the facility.  The primary focus is on existing fixtures and their efficiency. The audit will also identify leaks in the system whenever possible.

WWES staff will set up a mutually convenient time and date for the audit. The facility manager or a designated representative needs to attend. The person attending the audit needs to know all water use locations and the manner in which water is used. The auditor will ask for the following information:

It is important for the facility manager or designated representative to estimate the number of men and women that use water in particular areas. It is very helpful to have a map of the facility, if one is available.

Following the audit, a written summary will be given to the facility manager with a copy to the appropriate unit director and a copy to the environmental section of the Directorate of Public Works.

Residential Audit Process:

House with Plants

Residential water use audits can help residents save water 

The purpose of the residential audit is to look at existing or potential landscaping or to address both landscaping and interior water use depending on the interests of the resident.

WWES will set up a mutually convenient time and date for the audit. In preparation for the audit, the resident and any family members who would like to attend, should have a general idea of what they would like their landscaping to look like. For example trees, vs. shrubs, vs. groundcover or various combinations. Many times ideas can be generated by looking at other residences and selecting designs that are attractive.

During the landscaping audit, the WWES staff member will make suggestions for types of plants based on the interests of the resident, plant characteristics, such as low water needs, deciduous or evergreen, growth height and width, sun or shade requirements and flowering patterns, and Fort Huachuca planting policies. Information will be provided on plants approved for Ft. Huachuca, general planning and design, irrigation processes and policies, use of mulches, and water collection opportunities. Reference material on these and other subjects will be available to the resident.

If an internal water use audit is conducted, the WWES auditor will look primarily at existing fixtures and appliances and their efficiency. Suggestions for improvements will be recommended conservation tips will be provided. 

To schedule a commercial or residential audit contact us at the:
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