Matt Mars Professor, Agricultural Leadership/Innovation, Agricultural Education

Matthew (“Matt”) Mars is an Assistant Professor of Agricultural Leadership and Innovation in the Department of Agricultural Education in CALS. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses that span the topics of entrepreneurial leadership and innovation in agricultural and community-based settings and environments. Matt is also the Director of Graduate Studies and the Coordinator of the Leadership and Communication curriculum in the Agricultural Education department. In addition to advising and mentoring both undergraduate and graduate agricultural education students, Matt regularly serves on the dissertation committees of students outside of the Department and CALS. He is also an early participant in the University’s collaborative learning and community engagement initiatives. His publication record includes research on the integration of entrepreneurship and innovation principles and practices within collegiate leadership development curricula. Matt was inducted as a Fellow in the Bart Cardon Academy of Teaching Excellence in the spring 2016. This fellowship recognizes and honors unusual dedication and outstanding performance by a member of the CALS teaching faculty who is within their first five years of teaching at the University.