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Weed Names
Barry Tickes

Family Name Common Name Spanish Name Scientific Name
Morning Glory Family (Convolvulus) Woolly Morning Glory, Mexican Morning Glory Trompillo Ipomoea hirsuta
Dodder Cúscuta Cuscuta campestris
Field Bindweed Correhuela O' Aurora De La Manaña Convolvucus arvensis
Sunflower Family (Composites) Annual Sunflower, Common Sunflower Girasol Helianthus annuus
Prickly Lettuce Lechuguilla Latuca serriola
Annual Sowthistle Lechuguilla Sonchus oleraceus
Marestail, Horeweed Manzanilla Conyza canadensis
Goosefoot Family (Chenopodium) Nettleleaf Goosefoot Chual Bronco Chenopodium murale
Common Lambsquarter Chual Blanco Chenopodium album
Russian Thistle, Tumbleweed Camizo Rodador O' Cardo Ruso Salsola kali
Five Hook Bassia,Smother Weed, Hitler Weed Chamizo Pulpo Bassia hyssopifolia
Mustard Family (Crucifers) London Rocket Mostacilla Sisymbrium irio
Shepherdpurse Bolsa de Pastor Capsella bursa
Black Mustard Mostaza Brassica nigra
Potato Family (Solanaceae) Wright Groundcherry Tomatillo Physalis wrightii
Silverleaf Nightshade, White horsenettle Hoja De Plata Solanum elaegnifolium
Sacred Datura Toloache Datura meteloids
Grass Family (Gramineae) Junglerice, Watergrass Zacate Pinto O' Cayado Echinochloa colonum
Barnyardgrass Zacate De Aqua Echinochloa crusgalli
Bermudagras, Devilgrass Zacate Grama O' Bermuda Cynodon dactylon
Field Sandbur Zacate Cadillo Cenchrus pauciflorus
Southern Sandbur Cadillo, Huachadore O' Abrojo Cenchrus echinatus
Wildoat Avena Silvestre Avena fatua
Littleseed Canarygrass Alpistre O' Alpistillo Phalaris minor
Red Sprangletop Zacate Carricillo O' Escobeta Leptochloa filiformis
Mexican Sprangletop Zacate Salado Leptochloa uninervia
Annual Bluegrass Zacate Azul, Pashto de invierno Poa annua
Johnsongrass Zacate Johnson Sorghum halepense


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Information provided by:
Barry Tickes, Extension Agent, Yuma County
University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona.
Material written May 2002.

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