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Careers in Agriculture, Food Science & the Environment

Botanist - plant scientist, physiologist, taxonomist, breeder, weed scientist

Horticulturist - tree fruits, vine crops, landscape flowers and shrubs, gardener

Landscape architect - designs gardens, irrigation systems, selects plants

Turf manager - grow ballfield grasses, golf courses, parks

Arborist / Forestor - tree manager, forest manager, lumber industry, forest ranger

Geologist - studies and searches for sources of oil, fertilizers

Soil Scientist - studies soil to understand how it supports plant growth, holds water, fertility

Hydrologist - studies water, irrigation manager

Chemist - designs and invents new and safer chemicals for crop protection

Engineers - designs and invents new and efficient tractors, tools

Mechanics - maintains farm-type equipment (tractors, mowers, plows, planters, harvesters)

Entomologist - studies insects as pests, predators, parasites, vectors of disease

Plant Pathologist - studies diseases of plants

Microbiologist - studies bacteria, viruses, fungi

Meteorologist - studies climate and weather, forecast storms and bad weather

Range manager - studies cattle grazing lands, animals, plants

Cattle rancher - raises cattle

Veterinarian - animal doctor

Sanitation engineer - waste management, composting, recycling

Farmer - grows food and fiber crops, ornamental plants

Crop consultant - assists farmers to monitor crops and pests

Computer specialist - create programs to store data, communications

Dietician - advises menu planning, healthful eating habits

Health counselor - teachers, home economics, healthful living habits

Food technologist - studies and designs food preparation, airplane, restaraunt, schools

Chefs - designs menus and prepares meals

Grocery stores - produce manager, meat cutter (butcher)

Lawyers - defend farmers, land users, help make laws about water and land rights

Bankers - loan money for farming operations

Land use planners - plan for city growth

Some Subjects You Can Study in College

Ag Engineering

Ag Economics

Ag Technology Management

Ag Education

Animal Sciences



Computer Sciences



Environmental Science

Family Studies

Family and Consumer Resources

Home Economics Education

Landscape Architecture

Merchandising and Consumer Studies


Nutritional Science

Plant Pathology

Plant Sciences

Range Management

Renewable Natural Resources Studies

Soil and Water Science

Veterinary Science

Watershed Management

Wildlife and Fisheries Science


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