Desert Plants

Instructions for Desert Plants Authors


Appropriate Topics

Manuscripts describing research on many aspects adapted to arid and semi-arid climates are appropriate for Desert Plants. These research topics can include plant cultivation, ecology, ethnobotany, environmental physiology, taxonomy and diversity, landscape architecture and many other plant related topics.


Manuscripts should be submitted via email to Editor,
Communication with the editor is also via email.


General Requirements

Manuscripts should be written at a technical level consistent with botanical garden or arboretum (museum) approach to research and public education. Highly technical jargon is not consistent with Desert Plants publication policies. The manuscript should be submitted in Word WITHOUT technical formatting. Digital images should be submitted as tiff files or high resolution jpegs. DO NOT IMBED images, drawings, graphs, etc. in the manuscript. Email each image as a SEPARATE  ATTACHMENT.
Manuscripts must be in English. Length of the manuscript is highly variable. If the manuscript is quite lengthy, it is necessary to discuss the length with the editor prior to submission.


List citation alphabetically according to the following example:
Palgrave, Keith C., R.B. Drummond and Eugene J. Moll. 1977. Trees of South Africa. Cape Town: C. Struik. 959 pp.
Le Jardin Naturel. 17 Aug. 2010. Baobabs.
Bowers, J.E. 1996. Growth rate and life span of a prickly pear cactus, Opuntia engelmannii, in the northern Sonoran Desert. Southwestern Naturalist 41:315-334.

updated August 2016