Desert Plants


Floras and other Special Issues

Volume 32(1) 2016 - Perennial Grass-dominated Plant Communities of the Eastern Mojave Desert Region, Joseph R. McAuliffe

Volume 30(2) 2015 - Vegetation and Vascular Flora of Ironwood Forest National Monument, Pima and Pinal Counties, Arizona, John F. Wiens, Thomas Van Devender, Mark A. Dimmitt

Volume 29(2) 2014 - A Guide to North American Grasslands, David E. Brown and Elizabeth Makings

Volume 24(2) 2008 - Emergent Outcomes of the Interplay of Climate, Fire and Grazing in a Desert Grassland, Charles G. Curtin

Volume 23(2) 2007 - Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge, Arizona, John Bezy, Charles F. Hutchinson, Conrad J. Bahre

Volume 22(2), December 2006 - Flora of the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area, Elizabeth Makings

Volume 21(1) 2005 - Flora and Vegetation of the West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon, Coconino County, Arizona

Volume 19(2) 2003 - Traditional Western Apache Mescal Gathering as Recorded by Historical Photographs and Museum Collections

Volume18(1) - 2002 Flora of the Santa Cruz Kathryn Mauz

Volume 16(2) - 2000 Flora of the Ragged Top John Wiens

Volume 15(2) - 1999 Flora of the Sawtooth Mountains Kathryn Mauz

Volume 12(2) - 1996 Flora of the Tucson Mountains Renée Rondeau et al.

Volume 11(2-3) - 1995 The Gray Ranch Patrick S. Bourgeron et al.

Volume 9(3-4) - 1989 Riparian Forest and Scrubland Robert C. Szaro

Volume 8(2) - 1987 Flora of the Rincon Mountains Janice Bowers and Steven McLaughlin

Volume 7(2) - 1985 Symposium on Agave Donald Pinkava and Howard Scott Gentry, editors

Volume 6(2) - 1984 Ciénegas Dean A. Hendrickson and W.L. Minckley

Volume 5(2) - 1983 Desert Tepary Gary Paul Nabhan, editor

Volume 4(1-4) - 1982 Biotic Communities David Brown, editor

Volume 2(1) - 1980 Annual Saguaro Harvest Frank Crosswhite

updated December 2016

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