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Annotated Flora of the Santa Catalina Mountains by James Verrier / $35

290 pages / color photographs / topo maps / 40 pages of flower photos.

The Santa Catalina Mountains are located just northeast of the Tucson Basin and are known for their diversity of plant life. James Verrier spent 10 years methodically exploring the Catalinas in order to produce this flora. The introduction provides an overview of the study area as well as information on collection history, plant diversity, geology, and assessments of rare and invasive plants. Color photographs are included throughout the flora. In addition to the annotated vascular plant checklist, the author provides a checklist of non-vascular plants.

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Thirty-Seven Years on a Mountain Trail by C. David Bertelsen / $27

247 pages / color photographs / graphs of flowering data, all taxa!

This special issue of Desert Plants features a flora and phenology study of the Finger Rock Canyon in Pima County, Arizona. The author hiked Finger Rock trail 1,627 times between 1981 and 2017 and covered a distance of 16,518 miles. During his hikes he recorded not only flowering times and numerous other observations about vegetation, but also observations of vertebrates he encountered along the way. His work is remarkable because of the span of time it covers, the number of species recorded, and the elvation range covered.

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Supplement for 35 Years on a Mountain Trail

Foreward by Richard Felger / Preface for 25 Years on a Mountain Trail
(previously published by author)



Floras and other Special Issues

Volume 32(1) 2016 - Perennial Grass-dominated Plant Communities of the Eastern Mojave Desert Region, Joseph R. McAuliffe

Volume 30(2) 2015 - Vegetation and Vascular Flora of Ironwood Forest National Monument, Pima and Pinal Counties, Arizona, John F. Wiens, Thomas Van Devender, Mark A. Dimmitt

Volume 29(2) 2014 - A Guide to North American Grasslands, David E. Brown and Elizabeth Makings

Volume 24(2) 2008 - Emergent Outcomes of the Interplay of Climate, Fire and Grazing in a Desert Grassland, Charles G. Curtin

Volume 23(2) 2007 - Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge, Arizona, John Bezy, Charles F. Hutchinson, Conrad J. Bahre

Volume 22(2), December 2006 - Flora of the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area, Elizabeth Makings

Volume 21(1) 2005 - Flora and Vegetation of the West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon, Coconino County, Arizona

Volume 19(2) 2003 - Traditional Western Apache Mescal Gathering as Recorded by Historical Photographs and Museum Collections

Volume18(1) - 2002 Flora of the Santa Cruz Kathryn Mauz

Volume 16(2) - 2000 Flora of the Ragged Top John Wiens

Volume 15(2) - 1999 Flora of the Sawtooth Mountains Kathryn Mauz

Volume 12(2) - 1996 Flora of the Tucson Mountains Renée Rondeau et al.

Volume 11(2-3) - 1995 The Gray Ranch Patrick S. Bourgeron et al.

Volume 9(3-4) - 1989 Riparian Forest and Scrubland Robert C. Szaro

Volume 8(2) - 1987 Flora of the Rincon Mountains Janice Bowers and Steven McLaughlin

Volume 7(2) - 1985 Symposium on Agave Donald Pinkava and Howard Scott Gentry, editors

Volume 6(2) - 1984 Ciénegas Dean A. Hendrickson and W.L. Minckley

Volume 5(2) - 1983 Desert Tepary Gary Paul Nabhan, editor

Volume 4(1-4) - 1982 Biotic Communities David Brown, editor

Volume 2(1) - 1980 Annual Saguaro Harvest Frank Crosswhite

updated December 2016

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