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Nursery production

Budding Citrus Trees (2000) - pdf

Capillary mats for irrigating plants in the retail nursery - and saving water (2006) - pdf

Seed propagation of Cordia boissieri and Cordia parvifolia (2001) - pdf

Fertilizer storage and handling (1998) - pdf

Forcing containerized roses in a retractable roof greenhouse and outdoors in a semi-arid climate (2004) - pdf

Interior plants: selection and care (1998) - pdf

Nitrogen requirements of Prosopis velutina during early seedling growth (2004) - pdf

Response of nitrate and ammonium on growth of Prosopis velutina and Simmondsia chinensis seedlings (2004) - pdf

Questions to ask when planning to start a wholesale plant nursery (2011) - pdf

Guide to symptoms of plant nutrient deficiencies (1999) - pdf

Controlling Rhizoctonia Roor Rot in bedding plants (2004) - pdf

Bare-root roses and dormancy: digging timing and cold storage affect plant performance (2006) - pdf

Salinity tolerance of cacti and succulents - pdf

Tools for risk management in ag. operations.

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