Fossil Creek (courtesy D. Green )

Riparian areas are a focal point of interest for many different users throughout the United States. Compared to the total landscape area they occupy a very small percentage of land. Despite their small size, their importance is disproportionate because of their many functions and values.


In Arizona, riparian areas are even more important because of the limited amount of water and exponential increase of the population. Not only is the number of users increasing in Arizona, but also the type of uses for riparian areas. The great diversity of users can lead to potential conflict over riparian area management. To be able to avoid conflicts and better manage these areas, it is essential to fully understand what riparian areas and the processes that take place in them.


For this reason, Arizona’s Riparian Areas was created. This web resource is a learning module with the purpose of providing knowledge about Arizona’s riparian areas to the general public.   The module was developed by the University of Arizona.