Publication: Understanding Arizona's Riparian Areas

All of the information in this learning module is available in an Arizona Cooperative Extension publication:


Zaimes G.N. (editor). Understanding Arizona’s Riparian Areas. Univeristy of Arizona Cooperative Extension, Publication # az1432.



Download entire publication:

Understanding Arizona’s Riparian Areas (pdf, 115 p, 5.4 MB)



Download chapters:


Introduction (pdf, 516 KB)


Chapter 1: Defining Arizona’s Riparian Areas and their Importance to the Landscape (pdf, 528 KB)

By George Zaimes


Chapter 2: Characterization of Riparian Areas (pdf, 460 KB)

By George Zaimes, Mary Nichols and Douglas Green


Chapter 3: Hydrologic Processes in Riparian Areas (pdf, 172 KB)

By Mary Nichols


Chapter 4: Stream Processes in Riparian Areas (pdf, 544 KB)

By Mary Nichols


Chapter 5: Biological Processes in Riparian Areas – Habitat (pdf, 1.3 MB)

By Douglas Green


Chapter 6: Arizona Climate and Riparian Areas (pdf, 396 KB)

By Michael Crimmins


Chapter 7: Human Alterations to Riparian Areas (pdf, 2.1 MB)

By George Zaimes