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Tools to Protect Worker Health

Lifting Tool for Carrying Plant Containers
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Weeding Stand for Plant Nurseries
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Power Cutter for Woody Plants
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Metered Liquid Applicator
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Work-related musculo-skeletal disorders (WMSDs) are common in very labor intensive production agriculture due to repetitive motions. Backaches and pain in the shoulders, arms, and hands are the most common symptoms. Hearing loss or damage due to loud noise is common when power equipment is operated but is easily preventable.  These injuries can be disabling and can be costly for the workers and business owners. Resources below offer tools to mitigate these risks.

Simple solutions: Ergonomics for farm workers (pdf)

Protecting against hearing loss (University of Wisconsin) (pdf)

Nursery tip sheets (University of Wisconsin)

Nursery and Greenhouse safety training videos (Mississippi State University)



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