Feliz Baca, Staff and Appointed Professional Award 2018

Feliz Baca began working for the Norton School in March 2016. She is currently the Program Coordinator for the Frances McClelland Institute (FMI) for Children Youth and Families and manages the ASPIRE (After School Program Innovation, Reflection and Education) Project, a quality improvement project for Out of School Time programs in Maricopa County. Feliz’s job responsibilities are split between an active on-going funded project and the daily work of the FMI.


Feliz has impressive organizational and prioritization skills which enhance her ability to stay up-to-date on all on-going activities. Her ability to develop positive relationships in the ASPIRE project have been with individuals in the project and also with the funder, the Virginia C. Piper Foundation in Phoenix. Due to Feliz’s efforts the work of the Institute and the ASPIRE project are the best quality possible.


Feliz plays a pivotal role in the FMI to facilitate research activities of students and researchers from campus who participate in the research initiative, co-sponsored events, visiting scholars and the Janet and Barry Lang Observation Lab and Coding Lab. Feliz personally decided to assist a visiting scholar from China who was having difficulty understanding and communicating in English., Feliz spent time helping her practice English and provided other activities outside of work hours. Her efforts provided a positive experience to the visiting scholar and further contribute to a positive view of the University at an international level. Providing mentoring with current FSHD undergraduate students is also one of Feliz’s outstanding contributions. She directly supervises federal work-study undergraduate FSHD students.


The ability to provide annual Advance Methods Workshop Training is largely due to Feliz’s skills of handling details. She makes all the arrangements for all the nationally known Methods Experts who lead these trainings. Plus, she has been central to the development of the Community Conversations with Researchers event for the Institute of which six have been held locally. Her efforts have been key in developing the FMI Advisory Council that is comprised of over 30 local agencies and community leaders who meet on a quarterly basis.


Feliz contributes to create a workplace culture that values and supports individuals. She is always warm and friendly to students and faculty. She goes out of her way to do things that make a pleasant and supportive work environment. She exemplifies every criterion for the Staff & Appointed Personnel Award in regard to contributions to the well-being of families, involvement of activities that give back to the community, mentoring support for current students, and service to the Norton School.


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