Kimberley A. Brooke Professional Achievement Award 2017

Kim Brooke started work for the Norton School in 1993 in an administrative support role of the original Southwest Center for Retailing. Taking one class a semester and working full-time, Kim earned her BS in Family Studies and Human Development in 2006.  She is the current Associate Director, Marketing & Corporate Relations, for the Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences and the Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing.

Kim is an accomplished and versatile management professional with expertise in all core-operating functions, problem solving skills, and the ability to make difficult decisions. She has been a collaborative leader in developing partners with the Lundgren Center and essential relationships for the Norton School. Kim was the “quiet riot” behind the branding and marketing of the $25 million fundraising campaign for the Norton School Building and continues to be the marketing visionary for the Take Charge America Institute, the Frances McClelland Institute, and the Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing.

The tremendous success of the Global Retailing Conference can be attributed Kim’s devotion, integrity, and attention to detail.  Each year she is the focal point for the creative development of the marketing materials, the theme, the speakers, and the driver for bringing in hundreds of thousands of sponsorship dollars. The professionalism, dedication, and great talent that Kim brings to this event, along with her ability to work with some of the world’s largest retailers and Mr. Lundgren’s team ensures the Conference remains worthy of its superb reputation. Kim also played an instrumental role in the Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing Fundraising Gala that raised more than $2M for the Center. Her unique ability to engage people at all levels is a compelling testimony to her integrated approach to management and teamwork. 

Kim has a proven track record in student and alumni development and mentoring over the years with many returning to the Norton School as executives “giving back” to the next generations of leaders. Kim’s passion for education, family, and business reaches out into the Tucson community where she worked over 20 years with the Tucson Urban League’s after school and summer youth programs for at-risk adolescents. As one of Kim’s colleagues wrote, “Every day, without fail, Kim brings an enthusiasm, passion, and dedication to her work that not only lifts the quality of her achievements, but lifts all of those around her to strive to do better, to think bigger, and to never give up on the ideals of excellence.”

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