Jeff Laguna, Ph.D., Emerging Professional Award 2016

Dr. Jeff Laguna earned a BS in Family Studies and Human Development from the Norton School in 2003 and his Doctor of Philosophy, Gerontology in 2014 from the University of Southern California.

Since graduating, Jeff has dedicated himself to helping students navigate the college experience. Being a first-time college student himself, he knows first-hand how challenging and turbulent the college experience can be for those with a limited support network. Accordingly, Jeff has made it his personal and professional mission to serve college students and their families as a means to foster a new diverse generation of students who are empowered to realize their potential.

From as early as the first summer between his freshman and sophomore years at UA, Jeff sought out volunteer and professional opportunities to help college students succeed. This thread has remained consistent in every professional and scholarly pursuit he has since undertaken. These positions included serving as a volunteer tutor for students with disabilities, student orientation leader, and student orientation coordinator at The University of Arizona. He then became an admissions counselor at Biola University.  Jeff’s positions at the University of Southern California were academic registrar’s office counselor, departmental academic advisor, graduate student senator, campus ambassador for the Gerontological Society of America, chair of the USC Gerontology Ph.D. Student Organization, and a graduate student instructor. Dr. Laguna is currently a tenure track professor of Gerontology at Chaffey College.

In all of these efforts, Jeff feels truly blessed to have served as a guide, collaborator, and perhaps most importantly a cheerleader of student success.  He is as excited about the future as he was the day he left Tucson in 2003.


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