Josephine Gin Morgan, Professional Achievement Award 2016

Josephine “Josie” Gin Morgan is a native Tucsonan and first generation Chinese American.  She received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Family Studies at the UA in 1991 and her Masters in Educational Leadership at Northern Arizona University in 1995.

Josie’s post secondary educational journey was neither traditional nor easy.   She entered the University of Arizona at the age of 16 and was soon on probation and ultimately disqualified.  Fourteen years later, Josie returned to school while raising a 10-year-old daughter.  However, this time her return was successful as she surrounded herself with faculty, staff and students who became her support network.  This experience had a profound impact on Josie’s career and her ability to relate to and advise students.

Since graduating, she has worked in several areas in student and academic affairs.  For the past 20 years at the University, she has honed her skills to benefit the diverse students she works with.  Students know Josie as a great listener, compassionate, and advocate for their issues and concerns.  Her enthusiasm and personal demeanor shows students that education is the beginning of a lifelong journey.  Josie then provides the tools and resources for them to become better students and better citizens.

Josephine’s personal belief about advising students is one she developed through her own personal, academic, and learning experiences.  Her advising philosophy is to expose students to new thoughts and experiences, to have an open mind, to make a contribution to the world, and to pass that on to others.


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