Kylee Vanek, FCS Special Recognition 2016

Kylee Vanek is the Assistant Director for Student Leadership and Development to the Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing (TJLC). She oversees several student groups including the Center’s Student Advisory Board, Enactus, Trend, BRAG, and NRFSA. This serves a central role in the Center’s mission to help further the professional development for students.

One of Kylee’s responsibilities is to oversee new initiatives related to connecting students to the partners in TJLC for internships and full hire opportunities. Kylee also undertakes a variety of ad hoc responsibilities that are imperative to the overall success of TJLC. She creates, implements, and manages numerous workshops, events, student trips, case competitions and recruiting opportunities for students each academic year.

Kylee is exemplary at all of these activities, but that fact only reveals a fraction of the contribution she makes to her students’ lives.  She brings great energy and passion to helping the students navigate through their professional development. Students go from discovery of the retail major, exploring the various options in the ever-changing industry, and ultimately finding a valuable career once they graduate. It is abundantly clear that students look to her as a sounding board and confidant.

We are pleased to honor Kylee for her ability to embrace her job with enthusiasm, organizational skills, passion, visions and energy.  These attributes make her an indispensible asset to the Center, the Norton School and most importantly, the students.


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