Gina McCann, Staff and Appointed Professional Award 2018

Gina began her career at the University of Arizona in 2010 in the Norton School’s “Take Charge America Institute” where she was a Senior Research Associate for a Federal Trade Commission study of credit report accuracy, and additionally served as the Institute’s Administrative Assistant. In 2012, Gina became a part of the expansion of the Norton School business office into a business center that included two additional CALS units: Agricultural & Resource Economics and Ag Education.  She has served in her current role as assistant to the Norton School Director since 2015. Her prior accounting and travel consultant work experiences have complimented her abilities to excel in her responsibilities at the Norton School. She is a valuable asset to Norton School Administration.


Gina is a Chicago native and a graduate of the University of Illinois with a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance. She was a featured soloist in Chicago but returned to her classical music roots when she moved to Southern California in 1988. Locally, Gina has sung with the Tucson Symphony Orchestra and is currently a vocalist in the Tucson-based professional ensemble, True Concord Voices & Orchestra. Her passion for vocal performance fits well with CALS’s emphasis of work-life balance.


Gina goes above and beyond to support the Norton School Council of Alumni and Friends, especially during special events. She makes herself available for meetings and is prompt with notes and action steps to assist in completing events in a successful manner. Gina goes the extra mile to make contacts with other agencies and assure that everything runs smoothly. If there are any issues, she takes care of them right away. One of Gina’s strengths is communication and she always informs the Council if issues arise in regards to our accounts. Her organizational skills have been an asset to the Council as she has assisted in helping to get membership records up-to-date and digitally recorded.


Throughout the year, Gina graciously serves as hostess of the Norton School for special events sponsored by the Alumni Council. These include: Homecoming, graduation receptions, a welcome breakfast for graduate students, and numerous special celebrations. She makes sure that rooms are reserved, caterers contacted, and rooms set up for the events and then returned to order. Gina skillfully makes certain each event runs smoothly and is always available during the events. 

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