Paige Jacobson, Outstanding Staff Award 2016

Paige Jacobson, Manager of Finance and Administration for the Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences, is the “go to” person for expert help and advice on anything relating to finances in the Norton School. In fact, Paige is known across the University as one of the few business managers who is expert in everything there is to know about university financial processes including (but not limited to) grant applications and post-award management, student stipends and health insurance, faculty and student conference travel, equipment purchases, faculty and staff salaries, school budgets, program fees, reimbursements, workshop/conference organization, sponsored projects, the UA Foundation, and fostering relationships with alumni and donors.

Paige has shown incredible professional growth since being hired in 2001. She has become highly competent at working with diverse constituencies. She is not only knowledgeable and efficient in all she does, she also takes time to teach, train, and mentor others to be successful in their positions whether they be faculty, staff, students or friends.

The Norton School has an active alumni donor base that raises funds for multiple student scholarships. Paige manages the funds to make sure the students receive timely payments and that scholarship criteria are met. She also manages endowment funds from various donors and makes sure all guidelines and rules are carefully followed.

There are three institutes within the Norton School with separate budgets that include multiple donor funds. Paige manages the complex budgets, working closely with the institute directors and staff so the diverse missions are fulfilled.  

Paige has been extremely helpful to our Alumni Council in keeping the financial records and serving as a liaison between the Council and the UA Foundation.


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