Financial Freedom Club (FFC)

Financial Freedom Club (FFC) is a club on campus aiming to educate college students on relevant financial topics. The club is open to all students, regardless of their major or level of financial knowledge. The idea of this club came from one of the Take Charge Cats, Wendy McBroom, as she was seeing the lack of financial literacy among college students, so she decided to bring this initiative to the entire Take Charge Cats team to work in creating this club.

How the idea of the club began?
The idea of the club began when I would tell my UA peers about my work for TCC and they would always comment things like “I wish I learned how to manage my finances” or “I would love classes like that at UA, I don’t know how to handle my money”. The idea began as a series of workshops at the UA but evolved into a club format to retain student involvement and foster a sense of community with opportunity for student leadership.

How do you feel about the response that the club is having?
Our email list now has over 60 recipients comprised of students, cats, and UA faculty, our group me has 30 members and on a arrange we’ve had around 25 students attend each event! To me this is better than anything I could’ve asked for since it’s our first semester, and I can’t wait to see how the club grows and evolves over the next few years!

What is a long-term goal that you have for the club?
A long-term goal I have for the club is to really foster a strong, supportive community where members encourage each other to grow, learn and improve in the field of personal finance. My ideal vision for the club involves members sharing advice, strategies and accomplishments surrounding personal goals.

Financial Freedom Club hosts virtual meetings every other Tuesday from 5:00-6:00 pm. Do you want to join or know someone who may want to join? Contact FFC!

Instagram: uaffc
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