Casey Totenhagen, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Department of Human Development & Family Studies, University of Alabama
FSHD Affiliate Faculty
(205) 348-5067

Dr. Casey Totenhagen earned her Ph.D. in Family Studies and Human Development from the University of Arizona and did postdoctoral work as a Research Scientist at the Arizona Center for Research and Outreach. Dr. Totenhagen’s research interests include relational quality in adult romantic relationships (e.g., gay and lesbian, dating, married, and cohabiting couples) with an emphasis on how daily experiences impact relationship quality. Within this domain, she is particularly interested in daily hassles and the stress process. She is currently working on projects examining how the small sacrifices partners make for each other in their daily life influence the individual and relational well-being of both partners, particularly in the larger context of their day, as well as how same-sex couples are influenced by “typical” daily stressors that all couples experience (e.g., a stressful day at work), as well as stressors that may be unique given their sexual minority status (e.g., discrimination).

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