James Edward Hunt, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Practice, Career Track
Assistant Dean, Career and Academic Services
Family Studies and Human Development
1140 E South Campus Drive
Tucson, Arizona 85721-0036
(520) 626-3631

I am, first and foremost, an educator at heart.  I grew up in a family where education was the principle topic of conversation, and in fact, my first job was as a ski instructor to 3- and 4-year-olds. In the course of my graduate education I became increasingly aware of the need for learner centered education for the 21st century.  As part of a forward thinking department, I have been actively involved in learning and teaching via both the tradtitional and online class room.  It has become my passion to provide students in the Norton school with a top-notch, learner-centered educational environment.


Areas of Expertise

  • Pedagoglogical issues in and around teaching
  • Online instructional strategies
  • Faculty preparedness for online education
  • Adolescent risk behaviors and male body image issues

Research Focus

My primary focus in research is on the scholarship of teaching. I am actively involved in associations that focus on student learning, assessment and faculty readiness.

Subjects Taught

  • Introduction to human development (undergraduate)
  • Human relations (undergraduate)
  • Learner-centered online instruction (graduate)
  • Adolescent development (undergraduate)
  • Abnormal adolescent development (undergraduate/graduate)
  • Program planning (undergraduate/graduate)
  • Program evaluation (undergraduate/graduate)
  • Positive youth development (undergraduate/graduate)

Select Publications

Please contact Dr. James E. Hunt if you are unable to locate one of the publications listed below.

Hunt, J.E., Barber, B.L & Banks, S.R. (2005) Sports participation and positive youth development. In Fisher, C.B. & Lerner, R.M. (Eds.), Applied developmental science: An encyclopedia of research, policies, and programs. Thousand Oaks: Sage.

 Barber, B. L., Stone, M. R., Hunt, J. & Eccles, J. S. (2004). Benefits of activity participation: The roles of identity affirmation and peer group norm sharing. In J. Mahoney, J. Eccles, & R. Larson (Eds.), Organized activities as contexts of development: Extracurricular activities, after-school and community programs. Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum.

Eccles, J. S., Barber, B. L., Stone, M. R., & Hunt, J. (2003). Extracurricular activities and adolescent development. Journal of Social Issues, 59, 865-889.

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