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Sherry L. Lotz, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Retailing and Consumer Sciences
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My position as associate professor in the Academic Program of Retailing and Consumer Sciences has allowed me to convert my passion for learning about consumer decision-making and behavior into a career. In addition, it has provided me the opportunity to share that passion with my students.

As I pursue questions through my research, I strive to provide answers beyond “what” to include “why.”Not only do I enjoy helping students discover ways that they can find answers to their “why” questions, I also feel that it is my role as a researcher in higher education to seek knowledge that creates new theory or contributes to existing theory. I believe that only through these efforts can I advance knowledge in a given area.

On a personal level, my husband, David, and I love to travel. We especially enjoy immersing ourselves in diverse cultures and venturing into experiences that are typical for “natives” rather than tourists. We are hoping to have a cultural experience in China in the near future.

Areas of expertise: 

Consumer decision-making

services retailing,

retailing technology and diverse cultures

Research Focus: 

During my 14 years of experience as a researcher, I have focused on consumer decision-making issues in the contexts of innovative technological advances, services and diverse cultures.

In my research, I attempt to pursue questions for which I truly desire an answer. For example, I would like to better understand why consumers choose particular shopping channels (e.g., catalog, online, store) to browse, find information and make purchases. My early studies in this area centered on consumers’ decision-making in relation to the then “new” channel of shopping via the Internet, and I currently seek to contribute to the limited knowledge on consumers’ decision-making within the multiple-channel setting (i.e., store, online, catalog).

My second research stream encompasses services retailing. As a doctoral student, I was asked to teach a services marketing course. At the time, it was considered a “new consciousness” in the marketing domain. Since that time, I have been fascinatinated with consumers’ attitudes and reactions to negative experiences such as consumer complaint behavior and waiting.

Finally, as part of my master’s program, I helped acclimate incoming international graduate students to U.S. culture. These responsibilities led to my third context for studying consumer decision-making: diverse cultures, with an emphasis on acculturation and cultural values.

Current Projects: 
  • Co-Principal Investigator, Exploring Consumers’ Multichannel Shopping Experiences through Customer Participation. Funding: $80,000, IBM Business Innovations Services. Collaborator: Mary Ann Eastlick.
Subjects Taught: 
  • Services retailing (undergraduate and graduate)
  • Global retailing (undergraduate and graduate)
  • Research methodology (graduate)
  • Consumer behavior (undergraduate, beginning in Spring 2011)
Select Publications: 

Please contact Dr. Sherry Lotz if you are unable to locate one of the publications listed below.

Yan, R. & Lotz, S. L. (forthcoming). Taxonomy of the influence of other customers in consumer complaint behavior: A social-psychological perspective. Journal of Consumer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction and Complaining Behavior.

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Shim, S., Eastlick, M. A., Lotz, S. L., & Warrington, P. (2001). An online prepurchase intentions model: The role of intention to search. Journal of Retailing. 77 (3), 397-416. (Best Paper Award: The Sixth Triennial AMS/ACRA Retailing Conference)

Lotz, S. L. & Hu, M. Y. (2001). Diluting negative country of origin stereotypes: A social stereotype approach. Journal of Marketing Management. 17 (1-2), 105-135.

Eastlick, M. A., & Lotz, S. L. (2000). Objective and multidimensional acculturation measures: Implications     for retailing to Hispanic consumers. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 7, 149-160.

Lotz, S. L., Eastlick, M. A., & Shim, S. (2000). Modeling patrons’ activities at entertainment malls: A study in “flow”. American Marketing Association Conference Proceedings. Chicago: 11, 256-258.

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