FSHD Major Application

FSHD Major Progression- General Information:

Students are eligible to complete their major progression form the semester that they plan to complete all pre-major coursework. 

  • Students who plan to complete their last pre-major courses in the fall semester should plan to complete the major progression process in the fall. This will happen in October, and additional information will be sent out via email to all pre-majors in September,
  • Students who plan to complete their last pre-major courses in the spring or summer semesters should plan to complete the major progression process in the spring. This will happen in March, and additional information will be sent out via email to all pre-majors in February.

The Spring/Summer 2019 Major Progression Form Is Now Available!

The Spring/Summer 2018 FSHD Major Progression Form is available to FSHD pre-majors who plan to complete all pre-major course requirements by the end of Spring/Summer 2019. Accepted students will be eligible to begin FSHD Upper Division course requirements in Fall 2019.

Please read all information on page 1 and 2 of the online form before submitting. Make sure you are eligible to progress into the major, and that you have plans to complete all remaining pre-major coursework by the end of the spring or summer semester. 

Spring/Summer 2019 FSHD Major Progression Information

Please read the information below regarding the major progression process for Spring 2019.

First Steps:

  1. Complete the Major Progression Information Session Online Here -  https://cals.arizona.edu/fcs/fshd/major-progression-information-session

Complete the FSHD Major Progression Form Online Here  no later than Friday, March 1st, 2019.

  1. Schedule a major progression advising appointment. You can choose to schedule an individual advising appointment (do not attend drop-in hours), or sign up for a major progression group advising session.

Information about scheduling an individual or group advising time

FSHD Major Progression Form - Due Friday, March 1st, 2019 by 4:00 PM

FSHD Major Application FAQ:

Q: What if I am finishing my requirements in the summer?

A: If you are finishing in the summer, you will complete the major progression advising process in the Spring for Fall admission. You will turn in your form, indicating the class(es) you will complete in the Summer. After your grades are posted, you will send Student Services your transcripts and grades via email, and if all requirements are met, you will progress into the major.

Q: What happens once I complete my online form? When will I hear if I progress?

A: Once your final pre-major classes are completed successfully, you will progress into the major. For all students who complete their advising session and online form by the deadline, we will hold seats in FSHD 323, FSHD 377, and FSHD 384. We will enroll you into these courses for the next semester.

Q: Why must I turn my online form in so early?

A: It is important because we will hold FSHD major course seats for students who turn their completed forms in by the deadline.

Q: Can I turn in my form after the deadline?

A: Yes, but we will not hold any seats for you.

Q: Can I take pre-major classes somewhere other than the UA?

A: Yes, but all transfer coursework must be completed with a C or better to be accepted at the UA. UA and FSHD have course equivalencies at many Arizona Community Colleges. Please see aztransfer.com and view our course equivalency guide online: https://cals.arizona.edu/fcs/fshd/advising/forms

Q: Will everyone who completes the requirements be admitted into the major?

A:  A maximum of 80 students will progress into the major each semester. If more than 80 students submit major progression forms, and meet all the admission criteria, then students will be accepted to progress based on GPA.  If less than 80 students submit major progression forms, and all meet the criteria, all the students will progress into the major.

Q: What if my GPA is not high enough?

A: You may retake some classes and complete the major progression process another semester. You may also talk with your academic advisor about a major progression appeal process.


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