Family Studies and Human Development Internships

  • "I am realizing more and more that this internship is going to prepare me immensely for my future career and provide me with an unforgettable, self-changing experience"  FSHD intern


If you are a interested in an FSHD Internship:

Read the Student Internship Handbook below. FSHD Student Internship Handbook

Identify an Internship Site you would like to work for

Connect with a potential site supervisor (this may be the volunteer coordinator at the site) and discuss a possible internship. You may also want to share the Community Partner Handbook.

Complete the Internship Workplan with your site supervisor

Submit your completed application to Student Services Center, McClelland Park, Room 203.


If you are a Community Partner interested in working with an FSHD intern, here are some forms that may be useful:


Every experience I have had this far has really taught me about the process of investigation that no class in school could have adequately taught me. Reading about cases could never compete with sitting down face to face with a parent who is about to have their child removed and listening to the caseworker interview the parents.”  FSHD Intern

Institutes and Centers

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