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Amanda Pollitt

Academic Program: 
Family Studies and Human Development
Master of Science, Family and Consumer Sciences
Morgantown, West Virginia

 Though I am broadly interested in bisexual issues, both politically and academically, my research focus is on bisexual adolescents’ mental and physical health. I am interested in how bisexual adolescents navigate stigma and biphobia from both straight and LGBT communities and how this influences their relationships, identity development and their health and wellbeing.  For my master’s thesis, I will be using the framework of Life Course Theory to understand how heteronormativity influences bisexual adolescent’s beliefs about marriage and having children and how this in turn predicts mental health outcomes. The goals of my research are to conduct strong, high quality research to improve the lives of bisexual people; to have bisexual voices heard through research; and to challenge academic and societal beliefs about bisexuality and bisexual people.

Statistics and Methods
Recent Accomplishments: 

Pollitt, A. M., Grossman, A. H., & Russell, S. T. (in progress). The roles of coming out stress and social support on depression for bisexual women and men.

Katz-Wise, S. L., Calzo, J. P., Li, G., & Pollitt, A. (2014). Same data, difference perspectives: What is at stake? Response to Savin-Williams and Joyner (2014a) [Letter to the editor]. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 44, 15-19.

Curran, M. A., McDaniel, B. T., Pollitt, A. M., & Totenhagen, C. J. (in press). Gender, power, emotion work, and relationship quality: A daily diary study. Sex Roles. 

Russell, S. T., Serido, J., Muraco, J. A., Pollitt, A. M., & Conger. K.J. (revision submitted). Financial stress and alcohol behaviors during young adulthood: Does an account with the bank of mom and dad help or hurt? Journal of Marriage and Family.

Li, G., Pollitt, A.M., Russell, S.T. (2015). Depression and sexual orientation during young adulthood: Diversity and the role of gender nonconformity. Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Russell, S.T. & Pollitt, A.M. (2013). A positive view of LGBTQ [Book review]. Journal of Family Theory & Review, 5, 239-242.

Russell, S.T., Pollitt, A.M., Hoenig, J.M. (2015). The school environment for LGBTQ youth. International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences.

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