How to Apply for CALS Scholarships

To apply for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences scholarships, you must follow these five steps. For questions regarding these steps, contact the Scholarship Universe team at



1.    Log in to Scholarship Universe with your UA Net ID and Password.

2.    Answer ALL questions asked in the ‘PROFILE’ tab. This step may take ten to twenty minutes if you’ve never created a profile before. Your answers are used to match you to UA and non-UA scholarships you are eligible to apply for year round.

3.    Look in the ‘SCHOLARSHIPS’ tab and your ‘ELIGIBLE’ folder for blue colored scholarships with a deadline date of 04/1/2015 and click on one to open it. UA scholarships will be blue and non-UA scholarships will be orange. You may be eligible for other UA scholarships so read the description to confirm it is from the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS).

4.    Scroll down to the ‘Apply Here’ section of the scholarship you opened. You will see instructions on how to apply. You will also see a ‘Bonus’ section if you eligible for more than one CALS scholarship that share the same application. The bonus section will list all the scholarships you will be applying for by applying to just the one scholarship you are viewing.

5.    Follow all the instructions in the ‘Apply Here’ section such as, make sure you download the required ‘CALS Scholarship Application Template’ by clicking on the orange link provided. You must upload the completed application template and your resume to your ‘DOCS’ tab. Return to one of your CALS scholarships and select your documents from the appropriate drop-down bars in the ‘Apply Here’ section. Click the ‘SUBMIT APPLICATION NOW’ button at the very bottom and all the scholarships in the bonus section will be moved to your ‘APPLIED’ folder automatically. You are done!



If you don’t see any blue colored scholarships in your ‘ELIGIBLE’ folder with a deadline of 04/21/2014, do the following:

  •   Make sure your power cell shows 100%. If it doesn’t, click on the ‘PROFILE’ tab and answer the questions that appear.
  •   Make sure you have answered all questions in your Profile accurately, especially the following (a search bar is at the top to help you find these quickly):

                    - UA college(s) of study?:  select ‘Agriculture and Life Sciences’ and save your answer.

                    - My College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Major(s)?:  select your major(s) and save your answer.


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