Office Expectations and Environment

a. Office Hours

Staff and Professionals – Norton School’s regular business hours are 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Although there are many variations to this specific schedule, offices and phones need to be covered during regular business hours.  Arrangements must be made to ensure this practice is followed

Faculty – Faculty are expected to keep office hours for students for their courses during the academic year.  Faculty are expected to be available for all faculty meetings (regular or special) or committee meetings during the academic year.  While faculty research time on certain days is respected, it is expected that they be available for faculty meetings and school/division events.  Although faculty members do not have a contract during the summer, it is expected that they are available for communication via email to ensure smooth operation of the programs and/or student success

b. Office Appearance, Environment and Professionalism

Office appearance is the first nonverbal message that is sent to individuals that interact with the Norton School.  Your office environment is important.  It is essential that best practice and professional behaviors are maintained to provide high quality work product and a professional work environment

c. Dress Code

It is the Norton School’s expectation that work attire should complement the environment.  Attire should reflect an efficient, orderly, and professionally operated organization.  Employees should maintain an appearance of professionalism, neatness and cleanliness. Norton School adopts business casual as the dress code for staff. Use discretion and consider your personal representation of the Norton School

d. Keys and Building Security

Contact Robert Lanza or call 621-1690

e. Room Scheduling
For the Lobby, Plaza, 101, 103, 105, 302, 401D and 402 or call 621.1075
For after hours and special events, please call 621-7147.
For room 404 contact call 621.1715

f. Research Commons/Kitchen Etiquette

Each floor of MCPRK has a Research Commons.  These Commons are everyone’s responsibility

Listed below are office kitchen etiquette rules.
•    The Commons are for light cooking/warming only.  Approved appliances include:  coffee maker, microwave, toaster, toaster oven, and hot pot.  If you use any of these items and you make a mess…clean it up.  No one wants to use a microwave with food spattered all over.
•    Be conscientious of preparing foods that have lingering smells.   
•    Clean up after yourself.  Don’t leave crumbs and leftover food particles on the counter.  Wipe them up.  If you rinse your dishes, don’t leave bits of food in the sink.
•    Throw out your old leftovers.  The refrigerators are cleaned every Thursday.  If it is not marked, it will be tossed.
•    If it’s not yours…don’t touch it!
•    Research Common Supplies:  Forks, spoons, plates and napkins are stored in the Commons for School events not for personal use.  The School is not a cafeteria.  Bring your own utensils to use for food consumption.
•    If you use a serving pieces or utensil for an event, wash it and put it back where you originally found it for the next event.

h. Students’ Right to Privacy

The University of Arizona endorses and seeks to comply with all provisions of the "Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974," as amended, and all pertinent regulations. The purpose of this legislation was and is to afford students certain rights with regard to their respective education records. In essences, these rights are: (1) the right to inspect and review education records, (2) the opportunity to challenge the contents of education records, and (3) the right to exercise some control over the disclosure of information from education records.  For more information visit

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) Web Course

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