Performance Appraisals, Updated Position Description, and Career Progression

Performance Appraisals are a comprehensive process for all Norton School employees and their supervisors.   A successful performance appraisal begins with a clear position description.  All employees in the Norton School are required to have an updated position description that is mutually developed and understood by employees and supervisors

Appraisals are completed annually. For more information, see the following:

a. Faculty and Appointed Personnel – See Appendix 4 and 5
All College of Agriculture and Life Sciences faculty and appointed personnel submit an Annual Performance On-Line (APROL) on an annual basis.
APROL and P & T Performance Appraisal

b. Staff – See Appendix 6

c. Career progression is an important concept for employee retention and productivity.  Faculty’s career progression will be subject to the promotion and tenure guidelines.  Staff’s career progression will be based on a number of factors such as sustained meritorious performance, increased responsibilities, position reclassification, and funding availability, as well as other pertinent factors

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