Office Supplies, Purchasing and Sustainability

Office supplies can be purchased by sending a request with the item number and funding source to the appropriate administrative individual

Administration, FSHD and RCSC—
Terry J. Lundgren Center –
Take Charge America Institute –
Frances McClelland Institute –
Student Services—

For purchases other than office supplies contact the Norton School Business Office for specific information regarding specific accounts. See, also Appendix 7

Norton School promotes healthy and cost saving meal practices:  see Appendix 8 for ideas

Norton School practices sustainability.  Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.
•    Energy: turn off lights whenever leaving room
•    Computer/monitor/printer: consider scan and email instead of scan and print
•    Recycle plastic, aluminum and paper: recycling containers on each floor of MCPRK
•    Toner cartridges: turn in your used toner cartridges to the Norton School Administrative Office.  UA Surplus will recycle all toners

Institutes and Centers

The University of Arizona