Patriotic Penny-Pinching

What types of products are most likely to be discounted as part of a 4th of July Sale?

Retailers usually discount summer merchandise (e.g., apparel, outdoor furniture, grills, etc.) to make room for newer back-to-school merchandise and fall fashions. There may also be good deals on household appliances and home improvement stuff given that summer is prime house buying/moving time.

What tips do you have for finding the best 4th of July deals?

Research products and prices online before buying in-store and/or online.

Do you think retailers should remain open or close in observation of the 4th of July holiday? Does keeping stores open on a national holiday hurt employee morale?

Most retailers will likely be open, especially since many consumers head out to watch fireworks and participate in local celebrations on July 4th. There isn’t much customer and/or employee pushback on retailers to stay closed on July 4th when compared to Thanksgiving.

What tips do you have for avoiding overspending during the 4th of July sales period?

Make a budget for your celebration/outing and do your best to stick to it. Focus on enjoying the communal experience rather than acquiring unnecessary goods that have limited use. If you’re shopping the sales, take into account the costs and benefits of buying on credit vs. deferring purchase and paying with saved cash.

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