Norton School Courses Start, Information for Students

Beginning August 24: Hands-On, In-Person instruction  
Only hands-on courses – such as labs, medical, research, and fine and performing arts studios – and those courses scheduled for outdoor spaces will be held in person on our campuses.
*All other In-Person and Flex In-Person courses will begin online on August 24.

Small In-Person courses will begin with Phase 2 (dates to be determined)
The next stage of the reentry process will increase our campus presence with In-Person and Flex In-Person classes with 30 or fewer students.
*All other In-Person and Flex In-Person classes will proceed online this week

Larger In-Person classes will begin with Phase 3 (dates to be determined)
All classes will move from online to their designated modality listed in UAccess. This means in person and flex in person courses will begin meeting in the classroom, and all live online or fully online courses will remain online

**Please make sure you are connecting with each of your individual instructors over the next few weeks, so you understand the course format and expectations in all of your classes.

What if I want to have fully online classes but my current schedule lists my classes as flex in person?
Major Specific Courses:
 - If you are taking courses within our department, many faculty members are willing to work with students who want to complete their courses through a fully online option.
 - If you need to take your major specific courses in a fully online format, please start reaching out to each of your instructors to let them know your needs and talk about your options for online learning in the fall. You can find instructor email addresses through the UA Phonebook
- Your individual professors should also be reaching out to you within the next couple weeks with updates about the way their course will operate. Please check your UA email regularly for these important updates!

Norton School Fall 2020 Advising Information:
Advising is currently only available through phone or zoom video appointments.
Both 15 & 30 minute appointments are available - please choose the appointment time that fits best for your needs. See: for more information.



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