Caregiving changes for working families raising young children during the COVID-19 pandemic

The pandemic's effect on traditional school and child care arrangements can be enormously stressful for parents and caregivers and has the potential to widen pre-existing inequities in work, income, and well-being. Mothers, particularly of young children, are reducing their working hours much more than fathers and women who do not have children. A survey of working parents in five countries showed that parents are spending 27 additional hours per week on education and household tasks since the pandemic, and women in particular are spending 15 more hours on these tasks than men.

Women also reported sleeping fewer hours and being more worried about their mental well-being than men surveyed, a finding echoed in another study that found higher rates of psychological distress among women with children than women without children during the pandemic.Several studies have found a drop in publications, research productivity, and working hours for female academics and scientists compared to their male peers.

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