Consumers, Environment and Sustainability Initiative

Although there is a considerable amount of ongoing academic research and corporate interest in the topic of sustainability nationally and internationally, most of the work being done is related to developing business strategies and supply-side products, methods and/or technologies. Missing from these and all other worthwhile and important activities is the voice of the consumer – the human factor, demand-side perspective.

To fill this void, the RCSC faculty conceived of the Consumers, Environment, and Sustainability Initiative (CESI) in Summer 2009.  This coincides with and supports the strategic positioning of the University of Arizona as the leading institution in research and teaching on issues about the environment and its sustainability.

The goal of CESI is to facilitate collaborative, innovative and integrative effort to support research, teaching and outreach activities that focus on
1) consumer rituals, attitudes and behavior associated with the consumption of food, water, and energy and
2) consumers’ sense of social responsibility as it relates to the sustainability of these and other resources.

For more information, please contact  Dr. Sabrina Helm, CESI Director






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