Retailing and Consumer Sciences Minor

The Retailing and Consumer Sciences (RCSC) minor is complimentary to Pre-Business and business-orientated degree programs.

This minor is open to all UofA majors but is ideally suited to students who want to pursue retail entrepreneurship or specialized careers in the retailing sector including Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Decision Science, Information Management, and Supply Chain Management. Courses in the RCSC Minor include classes from the BS Retailing and Consumer Sciences pre-major. Additional RCSC electives provide opportunities for students to focus on specific areas of interest.

Why add a RCSC Minor?

The rise of private label retail products and direct-to-consumer retailing (vertically integrated retailing) has dramatically expanded the need for retailing understanding and knowledge – far beyond traditional retailers.

If you would like to declare the RCSC Minor please go to our RCSC Minor Information Session!

Pre-requisites (must be completed prior to enrolling in RCSC Courses):

Note: Same pre-requisites as RCSC Major except for RCSC 295A and FCSC 202..

  • Computing Applications: MIS 111, AGTM 120, BE 120, FCSC 120, NSC 120, PLS 120
  • Accounting: ACCT 250 or ACCT 200 and 210
  • GE Math: MATH 109C, MATH 112, MATH 113, MATH 116, MATH 120R, MATH 125, MATH 129
  • Statistics: AREC 201, FCSC 201, PSY 230, SOC 375, BNAD 276
  • ECON 200: Basic Economic Issues

What courses do I need to take?

Required Coursework - 10 units
RCSC 205/304 Retail Math (3 units)
RCSC 214 Introduction to Retailing (3 units)
RCSC 216 Retail Business Analysis and Decision Making (3 units)
RCSC 216A MS Excel and Retail Business Analysis  (1 unit)

Upper Division Courses – 9 units
Choice of three upper-division RCSC elective courses from RCSC Minor elective list (9 units)

Note: A student in this minor who completes the required 10 credits in the RCSC Minor will meet the requirements of the RCSC Pre-Major except for RCSC 295A: RCSC Career Exploration (1 unit) and FCSC 202, PSY 290A, or SOC 374 Research Methods. FCSC 202 is offered online in Summer.

Available electives for RCSC Minor:

RCSC 305 Advanced Retail Planning (3 units)

RCSC 325 Retail Innovation and Entrepreneurship (3 units)

RCSC 330 Food Retailing Principles (3 units)

RCSC 346 Fundamentals of Marketing (3 units)

RCSC 360 Digital Retailing (3 units)

RCSC 424 Services Retailing (3 units)

RCSC 434 Omnichannel Retailing (3 units)

RCSC 446 Global Retailing (3 units)

RCSC 480 Sustainable Consumption and Retailing (3 units)

RCSC 496A Topics in Retailing and Consumer Sciences (3 units)*

RCSC Core courses will not be open to RCSC Minors to maintain the peer-support and student retention benefits of the RCSC student cohort system.

*Based on course and instructor requirements.

Important Notes

The following courses are NOT open to students in the RCSC minor:

RCSC 197A: RCSC Academic Culture
RCSC 295A: RCSC Career Exploration
RCSC Core Courses:
RCSC 315 Retail Promotion and Visual Merchandizing
RCSC 340 Consumer Behavior
RCSC 350 Supply Chain Management
RCSC 384 Leadership, Ethics, and Management Practices
RCSC 400 Retailing and Marketing Strategy

RCSC Undergraduate Research Courses:
RCSC 492 Directed Research

All RCSC electives not listed above.

All RCSC Experiential Electives:
RCSC 293/393/493B*** Internship
RCSC 394/494*** Practicum
RCSC 299/399/499*** Independent Study
FCSC 491*** Preceptorship

RCSC Majors may not enroll in the RCSC Minor.

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