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Retailing and Consumer Sciences Undergraduate Advising

Who are the RCSC academic advisors?

RCSC Internships and Career Placement:
Felicia Frontain

RCSC Majors:
Stephanie Carlson

How to schedule an advising appointment?

To schedule an advising appointment, please contact the Norton Student Services Center.

How do I sign up for a Group Information/Advising Session?

Current RCSC Pre-Major students who are going to be RCSC Majors can sign up for a Major Information Session using this link. Student must attend a mandatory RCSC Major/Information session administered by the RCSC Undergraduate Coordinator. Sessions are scheduled to last for 2 hours. Sign up for a Major Information Session.

RCSC Pre-Major Group Advising - We will be offering group advising to the RCSC Pre-majors. Please bring an updated Academic Advisement Report along with any questions you may have. Sign up for a Group Advising Session

What are RCSC students accountable for?

Students are expected to:

  • meet with their academic advisor once a semester before priority registration.
  • bring a recent copy of the Academic Advisement Report (AAR) and their catalog checklist to EVERY advising appointment.
  • enroll into the correct classes from the catalog.
  • follow prerequisites for any classes they need to enroll in.

Advisors give students guidance during their college career but the ultimate responsibility for smooth transition from the RCSC pre-major into the major, and then successful completion of all requirements to earn the degree lies with the student.

What can parents do to support their RCSC student?

We want students to feel empowered by the steps they take to succeed in the RCSC program. Parents can support independence for their student’s long-term success while encouraging them to:

  1. Meet at least once a semester with their RCSC Academic Advisor
  2. Keep up with the listserv messages to be fully informed
  3. Seek guidance as needed from RCSC faculty professionals


How can parents get information about their RCSC student’s academic progress?

In order for us to talk to you about your student’s academic progress, a FERPA Release Authorization form must be on file with us. It must be filled out and signed by the student. Please have your student contact us as soon as possible to resolve any issue they might face.







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