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-- a university of arizona course on methods and approaches for studying the future

There is an enormous amount of material relating to "future" issues or concerns. Some information is located in other places; this page collects material to get you focused and started looking on your own. You can also get a quick overview of futures approaches and take a and review trends and outlooks, or read a summary of futures sites (about 3 printed pages).

Related pages on this site
Futures Related Organizations (organizations that deal with the future)
Lists of futures links from other futurists (organizations that deal with the future)
References to specific topics (information sources on specific topics)
Tour 2 - Futures relevant web sites overview
Early Classics and Basic References
Some of the Early Classics of the Futures Field (Jim Dator)
Futures Terms Glossary
Paradigm Shifts
Driving Forces of Change
Transformation Introduction and Map (for organizations)
Book reviews/abstracts of relevant topics
Viewpoints of selected futurists
Viewpoints of selected futurists
Visions of  various topics (Kellogg Foundation)
Year 2000 and Beyond
Millennium Institute
The Millennium Project (United Nations University)
Strategic Futures International - Links to the Future
Interesting views
Howard Rheingold's Page - Virtual Communities
Progress and its Sustainability
Future File (and free newsletter) of futures topics
Awakening Technologies
University Programs
University of Houston, Clear Lake, Futures Program
University of Hawaii Research Center for Futures Studies
George Washington University Trends Project
Swinburne University
Institute for the Future at Anne Arundel Community College
California State University (Dominguez Hills)
Special Topics
Joseph Coates Consulting Futurist
Strategic Futures International - Links to the Future

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