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The help items below are all technically oriented. You can get general class advice in the FAQ list, class tour, class course introduction or the overview of the futures topic.

Using Email

People (students and others) use their preferred email account, whether or not their is an official address or not. You can use any email program to exchange email, but please tell me if you change accounts (and let me know the new preferred address). Some people prefer a web based email (so they can get email through any browser) and others prefer a POP account (where the mail is automatically downloaded and stored and is therefore faster to use.

Using Internet

Take a look at the Internet guide (also located in the Tours section) to get a quick description of Internet and how to effectively use it for this class.

Browser and Overall Design Constraints

Only some of the tours require a frames capable browser, the home page requires a tables capable browser, and most pages are done with simple text/images. While older browsers should work, the browser manufacturers (Netscape and Microsoft Explorer primarily) made major changes with the 4.0 versions. Both browsers are free and you should acquire the most recent for their increased efficiencies, features, and look and feel. Rarely, someone might still be using the first text based browser (Lynx); if so, things will look a bit funny. If you are in this category you will be missing a lot of useful formatting and it will be more difficult to move around - it would be better to get one of the above mentioned graphics browsers. These later browsers also allow you to place your own entries on one of the task bars at top of screen; you can place this class home page there for convenience. Then you are only one click away from class!

Organization and Navigation Issues

Using Caucus

What to do in an emergency

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