Selected Reference Topics
-- a university of arizona course on methods and approaches for studying the future

This course has its history in environmental issues and still primarily retains that focus for specific examples, so the emphasis below is in that area. The emphasis is also on sources of data or information rather than position papers of alternative viewpoints. You can use the search options for learning more about the selected topics below or anything else you wish to search on Internet. Take the items below as starting points. An listing of general reading sources about the future is also available (about 3 printed pages).

I listed the sustainabilty links separately so they could be linked as examples of the potential next era.
Related futures references on this site
Futures related organizations (organizations that deal with the future)
Futures related sites and resources (representative range of site types)
List of links by developed by others (different people collect different links)
References to specific topics (information sources on specific topics)
Tour 2 - Futures relevant web sites overview
 Related basic reference sites
Professional Organizations Listing
Encyclopedias and Major Reference Works
Libraries Listing
  General References
Calculators On-line Center
Doing research (languages, people, places, maps)
Federal Statistics (FEDSTATS) (data on many subjects)
Yahoo - Science:Energy
Energy Information and Resources (USDOE) - great site to cover everything
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network (USDOE)
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (USDOE)
ATSDR - ATSDR's Home Page (Toxic/Disease Registry)
Environment and Natural Resources Information Center (USAID)
World Health Organization WWW Home Page
United Nations
UN Environment Program Home Page
US Environmental Protection Agency
European Environmental Agency
Native Americans and the Environment
Envirolink Network
EnviroInfo: Environmental Information Sources
ISO 14000 Information Center (environmental quality standard)
Information Center for the Environment (Univ California)
Population, Resources, and Conflict
GBR Table of Contents
KZPG Resource: Libraries and other population resources for activists
Search Family Planning and Population Resources on the Internet
EcoNet's Population Resources
Fact sheet 5 - Population and Resources
US Demography
University of Michigan Population Studies Center
Office of Population Research, Princeton University: Population Index
Penn Library-Population Studies
U.S. Bureau of Census
  Risk Assessment
Risk, Safety and Health - Collected Papers
A Journalist's Handbook on Environmental Risk Assessment (good basic info)
EPA Regional-State-Tribal Planning (includes risk assessment)
Risk Information from Resources for the Future
Risk Information from American Chemical Society
Risk World - Lots of Information
Commission on Risk Assessment (via Risk World) 
Society for Risk Analysis Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment (Canada)
Risk Information (US Department of Energy)
 Biotechnology and Nanotechology
Online Newspapers (worldwide)
Magazines Online (popular and professional)
Free subscriptions
Moreover company, choices for interactive 5 headlines -subscribe by topic (Daily)
BBC News (daily)
International Herald Tribune (daily)
Internet Scout (weekly summaries of various links)
New York Times (daily)
American Communication Association
Project Censored
Hobbes' Internet History (Timeline)
The Networking Institute (Lipnak and Stamps)
Group Think (and its problems)

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Prepared by Roger L. Caldwell