Futures Overview
-- a university of arizona course on methods and approaches for studying the future

There are different ways to develop an overview of futures techniques. There are no single "right ways" but most good studies incorporate some basic elements that are common to all the studies. Here are some examples.
Futures in a Nutshell
A very brief introduction (about one slide of information) on futures.
Road Map to Futures Studies
A how to guide to doing futures studies.
A Framework for Transformation - outline format
A case history of a typical presentation I make when they the time is short (hour or so), the interest is in big picture change, and the audience has no futures experience. The focus is on how do you approach learning about the future, not a long list of possible events.
Approaches and Futures Toolbox
Convential and unfamiliar approaches, the instructors general approach, and a toolbox for futures.
Glossary of Futurs Terms
A two page listing of terms used in futures studies.
How to be a Health Futuirst in Ten Easy Lessons (pdf format)
A two page summary by Joe Flower and Partice Guillaume. The lesson content is similar to that in the above lists and is well organized. It s applicable to any topic.

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Prepared by Roger L. Caldwell