Tutorials, Tours and Seminars
-- a university of arizona course on methods and approaches for studying the future

Tutorials and tours are brief excursions to familiarize you with selected topics. Seminars are more in depth and are for specific class assignments and learning about the subjects listed. Workshops are related topics for background information and short courses are from other sites but on relevant topics. An Internet guide is available if you need to tune up your internet skills.

Tutorial 1 -- Futures in a Nutshell
Tutorial 2 -- Building Scenarios
Tutorial 3 -- Making Your Own Futures Study
Tour 1 -- A Quick Tour of this Class
Tour 2 -- Futures Relevant Web Sites Overview
Tour 3 -- Futures Readings
Tour 4 -- Visiting Some Distributed Learning Sites
Seminar 1  --  Selected Books about the Future (brief reviews)
Seminar 2  --  Futures Techniques
Seminar 3  --  The Futures Literature
Seminar 4  --  Face-to-face Brainstorm/Feedback Sessions (example: Search Conference)
Workshops (related topics instructor prepared for other purposes)
Workshop 1  --  Digital/face-to-face/hybrid Learning (that is what we are doing in this class)
Workshop 2  --  Internet Search Techniques
Workshop 3  --  Learner Centered Education (partly used in this class)
Courses (for learning but also experiencing learning on the web)
Course 1 -- Rapids of Change (Introductory course in Transformational Studies) by Robert Theobald
Course 2 -- The Tree of Life (Learning about phylogeny and biodiversity) by David and Wayne Maddison
Course 3 -- Effective Scientific Presentations (techniques and suggestions) by Jeff Radel (Univ Kansas)
Course 4 -- Understanding Modern Biology (UA Biology Learning Center)
Course 5 -- World Lecture Hall (via University of Texas - pick your course)

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Prepared by Roger L. Caldwell