Big Island Farm

Some internships may be closed. Please refer to the organization’s web page for up-to-date postings and opportunities.

Internship Vision: Our internship?s purpose is to connect and inspire positive people with the physical and mental knowledge required to bring vitality, sustainability, and feasibility to a diverse, organic, and wild tropical farm!

Farm Mission: Our mission is to nurture a symbiotic and sustainable relationship with the Hawaiian land, harmoniously inciting healthy foods, inspiring landscapes, vibrant spaces, and meaningful experiences along the way.

You have arrived at a critical point in your life. There is a path in front of you blooming with color and fragrance, seeds of creativity, passion, and beauty, and you are waiting to receive the perfect mix of sun, water, air, and nutrients to join the other flowers. A wise teacher once shared the ultimate importance of taking an active role in one?s education. At Big Island Farm?s internship program, we welcome the student to partake in a diverse incubator of a start-up with a focus on application, engagement, and self-discovery.

Our farm currently exists in the most exciting phase of establishment, the inception! We are not a program that needs people to come and merely maintain an already designed system of actions or events. We are a program that desires to design and build this eco-system along side bright inspired individuals, so that the lessons, skills, accomplishments can be shared and intensified with the diversity of our team. Being chosen to join our internship means we elect you to be a leader, a creative, a voice, and a truly meaningful connection that will positively impact the manifestation of the farm. Your time, energy, and money is an investment into an interdisciplinary, entrepreneurial, consciously cultivated passion project that wholly seeks to change the world and maximize the power of creative individuals actively brainstorming!

Imagine a 60-acre canvas with watercolors beginning to illustrate a farm paradise, each color representing a unique individual's realization. As in nature, each individual program within the internship is connected to the whole, and in order to properly maximize the potential of each discipline each must be seen in a larger context. Focus in one specific area provides a lens through which interns can experience the overlapping disciplines, collaborating forces, and complex dynamics that define our farm.

Internship Areas:

-Green Building

-Ecological Design

-Mac Nut Orchard Restoration


-Farm to Table Culinary Arts

-Organic Agriculture

-Tropical Horticulture

-Outdoor Recreation and Adventure

-Sustainable Business Management

Special offers NOW AVAILABLE for:

August: 1 month internship (click for details)

September-November: 3 months internship (click for details)


Included within internship tuition:

Living arrangements

-communal living space

-full bed frames with air mattresses

-Hot showers


-Laundry services

BITE plan (See sample menu here)

-Healthy, creative, cuisine, both nutritious and artistic

-Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner prepared and served by Farm Chef Michael Rodriguez-Reyes

-Fresh select items directly from the farm to your plate!

-Farm-to-table cooking lessons

-Organic, all vegetarian, with vegan and gluten-free options.

-Diverse palette, with an international influence.

Weekly Excursion (Lead by Outdoor Rec Team)

? Treks to waterfalls


-Astronomy and star-gazing at Mauna Kea

-Snorkeling, Beach-hopping

-Waipio Valley camping


Self-Directed Project Budget:

-Project theme in 1 of the 9 possible programs we offer.

-Make a proposal outlined with a budget and get the materials/tools you need to complete a personal passion project!

-Design a simple structure, develop a micro-environment, plant a fruit forest

-Your project could be making a simple structure, growing a micro-environment, or planting a fruit forest!

-Test a thesis project

-Build something beautiful

-Access professional grade machinery and tools

-Create a full design document, complete with drawings, research, diagrams, sketches, and pictures of the realized result.


Semesters Available




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