Camp Cody- Summer Activities Counselor

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Dates: June 14th - August 19th, 2017. 

The Activities Counselor will plan, direct and implement activities in his or her area of expertise and coordinate the activities into the entire camp program.

Salary: $275 - $400 per/week (Room & Board included)


Teach and stimulate the interest of staff and campers in the area of expertise.
Create lesson plans based on increasing camper competence and skill level in activity area.
Implement innovative and fun lesson plans and teaching techniques.
Conduct a regular check of equipment for safety, cleanliness and good repair.
Set up activity area during staff week.
Submit orders for supplies and equipment during staff week or when needed ensuring the timely arrival of materials.
Conduct an initial and end of the season inventory and store all equipment properly.
Evaluate current season and make recommendations for equipment or program changes for the next season.
Plan and prepare for inter-camp sporting events activities when applicable.
Assist with all-camp events, evening programs, trips.
Complete tasks as assigned by supervisors.


- Training, certification, or documented experience in the respective activity. 
- Experience working with children. 
- Knowledge of safety practices as applicable to the respective activity. 
- Endurance and stamina needed to provide constant programming and supervision to campers. 
- Ability to spend long hours teaching area of expertise. 
- Positive attitude and sense of humor. 
- Patience and ability to discipline campers in an appropriate way when necessary.


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Aug 17, 2016

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Jan 04, 2017

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