Elder Rehabilitation at the JCC

Some internships may be closed. Please refer to the organization’s web page for up-to-date postings and opportunities.

Elder Rehab Needs a Few More Interns and Volunteers for Fall 2018.


The Elder Rehab program at the Tucson Jewish Community Center is an exercise and cognitive stimulation program for

memory-challenged senior adults. The senior participants are paired - one to one - with UA interns and volunteers who

provide twice weekly rehab sessions for a total of 20 sessions per semester. Each session consists of an hour of physical exercise

and an hour of memory and language stimulation exercises and games. Training will be provided. Hours are worked out between

student and the assigned partner. The JCC is located at 3800 E. River Road, corner of Dodge (about a 20 minute drive from campus).


An open book quiz on Alzheimer’s and a final report culled from weekly records kept on participant responses to activities are required.

There are also 2 social events students are requested to attend. The 45 hours required for a one credit internship or independent

study course are easily met; most students log about 50 hours, including training time and social events.


Applicants are accepted on a first come, first served basis, with preference for students who commit for two semesters. Male students

and one Spanish speaker are especially needed. Applicants must have a car and either have current CPR credentials or be registered for a course before

start of the program the week of September 10. (Can be a week later).


There is a mandatory training session on the exercise component of the program on Sat. Sept. 8 at 8:30 or 9 a.m. followed by a “meet your partner” brunch from 11-1.

Training on the cognitive activities will be at a time to be arranged between applicants and the program coordinator, Dr. Sharon Arkin..


JCC Elder Rehab is entering its 8th semester and is based on a federally-funded UA research project which is described at

www.u.arizona.edu/~sarkin/elderrehab.html. A brief video about the current program is on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbscTmUKHVc


Former student participants credit the Elder Rehab experience for helping them get into medical school and other graduate programs and jobs.


For information, email or call Dr. Sharon Arkin (PsyD) at 520-603-2912. A current flyer and an application form are below (copy and paste).



Tucson Jewish Community Center

Elder Rehab Student Application Form


Date Submitted Date/Time Received


Name__________________i_____Available Fall 2018_______ Spring 2019__________Age___

Specify time periods when you are available.if you know.

2 hour time periods available on: Tues. betw 10- 6:_______ Thurs. betw 10-6:_______


Mon. betw 2-6_______ Wed. betw 2-6_______ Fri. betw 2-6_______ Sun. betw 10-6_______

Email Phone Number

Current CPR? ___________ (certificate or proof of registration for course required before start of program.) Languages spoken__________


Semester as of Fall 2l018 (2nd, 4th, etc.) Major _______________


Career Goal Grad School?


Local Address Zip Code


Living arrangement (alone, w/ roommate(s), etc.)


Parents’ Names:


Parents’ (Your permanent) address


Parents’ Phone Number: Email:


Do you have a car or access to a car? License? Car Insurance?


Can you get parents’ OK to drive another student or your senior partner in your car?


Describe any experience working out on gym equipment, such as treadmill, stationary bike, weight machines or other physical activities (i.e., yoga, dance, sports, etc.).







Do you have a pet or is there some other interest, craft, or musical activity that you could lead ?




Describe any previous volunteer experience:





Previous work experience:




Do you have a family member or friend who had or has Alzheimer’s or a similar disorder involving memory loss and communication difficulties?



If yes,








Reasons for wanting to be an Elder Rehab volunteer or intern












Submit to: Sharonmerlearkin@gmail.com.

Questions? Call Dr. Arkin 520-603-2912

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