Hickman's Family Farms - Summer Internship

Some internships may be closed. Please refer to the organization’s web page for up-to-date postings and opportunities.

The application deadline is April 9, 2018.

Hickman's Family Farms has openings for a 10-week internships in Buckeye, AZ for Summer 2018. The internship will run approximately from May 14th – August 3rd. Hickman's Family Farms will provide free housing for interns around the Buckeye, AZ area.

Internship Description:

The animal science/veterinary summer internship at Hickman’s Family Farms would be composed of two main parts: a project involving bird health and participating in farm rounds with the company veterinarian.

For the project aspect, the intern would be have partial responsibility for a flock serology monitoring program. The intern would be trained by the company veterinarian on how to draw blood from chickens, and be taught the importance of and interpretation of serology results. They would then draw blood from Hickman’s flocks at appropriate pre-set ages, and will then be responsible for sending out the blood work, and compiling results into excel. At the end of the summer the student will give a brief presentation on how they interpret the findings to the company veterinarian.

The second aspect of the internship will involve riding with and participating in regular rounds with the company veterinarian. Rounds may include but are not limited to performing necropsies on mortality, monitoring vaccinations, and general monitoring of bird health. The intern will have every opportunity to participate and will be taught about each case they encounter. Depending on the interest of the intern, there could also be opportunities to spend time with pullet and production managers, to learn about the day to day management of flocks.

Application Information (closes March 5, 2018): 

  • Resume
  • Transcript (unofficial)
  • 250 words on why you want the internship and what you think they can get out of the experience

Applications should be sent as one packet to Corine Giroux at cgiroux@hickmanseggs.com

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