The Humane League- Campus Organizer

Some internships may be closed. Please refer to the organization’s web page for up-to-date postings and opportunities.

The Humane League is recruiting for Campus Organizers at colleges and universities for the Spring 2017 semester, joining a team of some of the most effective animal activists in the country. The Campus Organizer role is an excellent introduction to professional animal advocacy, and students in this position will gain special insight into the animal protection movement. The Humane League is pleased to provide career advice for Organizers as well as letters of recommendation and information on positions within the movement.

Campus Organizers will report to the Campus Outreach Department, which will provide all necessary materials and support for the position. This internship position pays $10 an hour as a stipend and each Organizer is expected to work approximately 50 hours per semester. No prior advocacy experience is required for this entry-level position. Applicants are accepted on a rolling basis.

Primary Duties will include:
- Building a new or developing an existing club on campus for expanding the pro-veg or animal welfare presence on campus
- Learning THL’s tactics for effective communication and advocacy for farm animals through one-on-one coaching and occasional reading assignments, and teaching these tactics to club members and volunteers
- Coordinating and leading outreach events to raise awareness about modern farming and the benefits of veg eating, including but not limited to distributing leaflets and veg starter guides
- Tabling at college events
- Sampling vegan food
- Posting veg flyers
- Running pay-per-views
- Collecting Meatless Monday pledges
- Hosting on-campus educational and community events such as speaker panels and documentary screenings
- Giving presentations in college classrooms and as club events, covering the issues of factory farming and how students can get involved
- Recruiting club members and volunteers to assist with events and foster the growth of the club
- Submitting opinion and news pieces for various publications, including student newspapers



Posted On:
Nov 07, 2016

Applications Accepted Until:
Nov 13, 2016

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